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Compex applies a muscular electrostimulation perfected and very specific that develops the muscular performance.
The first important notion concerns the specific role of electricity. The latter does not behave as a magic fluid that improves muscular tissue. No particular form of electric current having benign features for muscular fiber exists!

Electricity behaves by causing a muscular effort and progressing is the consequence of such work. Electrical impulses excite motor nerves, which transmit to muscles the command of answering mechanically. Currents must be analyzed so that they go through the skin without getting deformed and be completely appropriate to excite motor nerves specifically without causing burns or electric pain. Each current impulse is, then, a basic command of work. Muscular fibers answering this command carry out a mechanical answer (a work unity).

The quantity of fibers working, i.e., the quantity of fibers improving, depends on the impulse power. In order to achieve the best performance, very powerful impulses must be used, so that a maximum quantity of fibers are put to work. That's why an efficient electrostimulation causes very powerful contractions. However, these powerful impulses have to be comfortable and without any danger (burns, electrical discharges, etc.) Only a machine equipped with a sophisticated electronic technology is able to beat the double challenge of power and comfort.

Having the electronic capacity to give the command of work to a maximum amount of muscular fibers is an essential condition, but insufficient. There is also to control the nature and the quantity of work supplied to muscular fibers by stimulation. For example, the question is not to impose the same muscular work over a sprinter's quadriceps as over a marathon runner's...

The physiology of contractions and of muscular efforts provides very precise values about the operation of different types of fibers (slow, fast, intermediate, very fast, etc.) It is also known the different pattern of work concerning the development of particular types of muscular performance. Moreover, research with animals and also human beings have allowed to establish the correspondence between the frequency of repetition of impulses and the nature of muscular work obtained (strength, explosive strength, moderated or active aerobic resistance, strength-resistance). Different programs and, within them, different levels, correspond to differences in nature and the quantity of muscular work. In this way different patterns of work are obtained and, in consequence, different training, a different adaptation of the frequency of impulse, a different duration of contractions and rest, as well as the total duration of the stimulation sessions.

The Compex technique can be summarized as follows:
" On one hand, it holds the most secure and efficient electrical impulse to impose a maximum work on fibers;
" And, on the other hand, it programs the repetition of such impulse with the principles of the muscular effort physiology in mind, in order to control the nature and the quantity of such a work

Compex offers several types of training programs for the different muscles in our bodies, doted with 5 levels each and the possibility of undergoing up to 5 training cycles.The stimulation intensities, range from 0 up to 120 mA, and the recruitment of muscular fibers will depend on its proper use.

Its training planner, in an interactive CD-Rom, will adapt the training plan to each individual, bearing in mind the kind of sport practiced and the level, the moment of the sport season and the training cycle.

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