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Frequently Asked Questions
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Does electrostimulation involve any danger?

Compex is intended for sportpeople and in good health. This technique has been used in medicine for 30 years. It does not have any disadvantage for your health, neither short nor long term, provided that counter-indications are respected: pregnancy, pacemakers or recent muscular accidents.

Is electrostimulation easy to use?

Pictures, a practical guide, a CD-Rom, LCD Screen. Everything has been designed in order to simplify your life. Moreover, you can contact our customer service: our specialists will help you to solve all your doubts 24 hours a day.

What is the difference with other similar machines?

Obtaining a muscle reaction with electricity is not difficult. You can get it with any of the multiple similar machines on the market.
The special feature of Compex is that it provides exactly the necessary and sufficient amount of power in order to obtain an effective and deep stimulation in the muscular fibers.
The recruitment of fibers is, then, maximum and focused on the specific zone you want to put to work, precisely adapted to the performance wanted to achieve.

Should it be used before or after the classical training?

As a general rule, the voluntary training is preferable, which is carried out over a muscle not tired yet. In strength-resistance training, inverting the process can also be interesting, in order to apply the voluntary effort over previously prepared fibers.

How to get over training levels?

Your Planner will explain to you, step by step, how to get over and sort out training levels, according to the kind of sport you practice and your prospects.

How to stand for a session?

For an optimum use, the Planner advises you the position to adopt, according to the muscle that you will put to work. It also indicates you how to adjust the different intensities.

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